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Wednesday · June 25 2003

I started reading Songbook by Nick Hornby on Sunday. Reading is a strong word, Songbook is candy. Hornby has taken about 30 of his favorite songs, written 3-4 page blurbs about why he chose each tune and included 12 of them on a CD. So, you get a mix tape with liner notes. These are liner notes that make me nod my head and smile in knowing agreement.

He demonstrates the difference between what I thought was a Dylan fan (someone like me with ~20 CDs) and a Dylan fan (someone who owns a 14 CD set of everything Bob recorded in 1965). He explains how there was nothing wrong with being a Rod Stewart fan in 1973 (like being an Oasis fan in 1994 or a Stone Roses fan in 1989). He recounts everything that the Boss' Thunder Road makes him feel. In every story, Hornby describes how life weaves with rock music like a guy who loves rock music. It's ok to be a rock geek.

In the opening story about Thunder Road, Hornby writes that he's listened to that song more than any other in his life. By a long shot. Since I read that on Sunday, I keep thinking what song I've played over and over and over and over. I know there has to be one that is totally obvious, so obvious that I can't think of it. But it's just not there. I have some contenders, but no clear winner.

It might be Divorce Song, maybe Girlfriend, or Black Dog, or 2 dozen others. No theme song for me, but I could definitely make a theme CD. Most of the songs would be from college days in the early 90s and alot of them wouldn't be very hip (Two Princes? Find the River?).

Anyone have a song they've just totally worn out and played to death? I don't want to borrow it, I promise.

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