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Monday · June 23 2003

Do you receive department emails at work with clip art like this?

I do.

(Addendum: Stacy thought that each of these was included in separate emails. I want to be clear. All 3 of these, plus 2 which I haven't shown you were in the same email.)

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What you had to say:
June 24 2003

This could be written into a Dilbert comic.

June 24 2003

I try really, really hard to keep work related things off this site, but sometimes happenings just make me laugh too hard and I have to show and tell.

Mojan, I'm happy your blog is back and updated. What boring book did you give up on reading?

June 24 2003

I'm afraid to say. I don't want to hurt the author's feelings.

Then again, his book is a bestseller, so I doubt my opinion would do much damage. :)

June 24 2003

By the way, there's an article about Liz Phair's new album on!

June 24 2003

There was a craze around my office with little flashy smiley face icons in emails...people in the office were sooooo excited (I was rather frightened because I mean, c'mon). Everyone was downloading them left and right. Then of course, it became a virus. Yep. I'm sorry for all the animated jazz in your email box. I understand.

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