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Saturday · June 21 2003

hot_springs.jpgThirdView is a rephotographic survey of the American West. Photographs from land surveys in the 1860s and 70s are shown in sequence with shots from the late 1970s and then finally the present day. 87 sites spanning Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and New Mexico are viewable at the ThirdView page. Most of the series don't show an eye popping amount of change, but these two are notable: Pyramid Lake, Nevada and Comstock Mines, Nevada.

I enjoyed looking at the sites near Yellowstone. Stacy and I spent several days in the park last summer and it was the most impressive display of nature I've ever seen in one area. From what I saw of ThirdView's work, the landscape there has changed very little in the last 130 years. Of course, it is impossible to ever have a record, but it would be so interesting to see what the geyser fields looked like a thousand or ten thousand years ago and watch the evolution move forward in a fast motion movie.

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