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Friday · June 20 2003

This is the way to start a weekend. Forgetting the fact that the Cubs are getting their asses handed to them today by the southsiders, today is a fine start to this weekend. I played in a golf outing this morning and got lots of sun, drank plenty of beer and hit some golf balls. Excellent times. Trek home through a mess of friday traffic to find two packages waiting in the foyer.


The SLIMP3 that I ordered last weekend when my CD changer broke has arrived. The second package contains the graduation gift I purchased for my sister, an iAudio personal MP3 player. She wanted a lightweight player to use while working out and running. There's no question this gadget is lightweight. It's about the size of a zippo and weighs about as much as a pack of gum. The sound is supposed to be excellent and I'll know for myself soon enough.

Portable tunes, wireless tunes. It's Christmas in June here. I'm such a geek.

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