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Monday · June 16 2003

Summer nights + free old movies = 2003 Chicago Outdoor Film Festival. If your picnic setup isn't highbrow enough to feel at home with the crowd up at Ravinia, the tuesday night movies in Grant Park is another nighttime picnic option to consider. Starting July 15, you can fight for a piece of lawn and fight off the bugs with 15,000 other Chicagoans and watch the big screen. It Happened One Night, Rear Window, and In the Heat of the Night are three of the movies on the schedule. And one fact I didn't know about the film fest:

The Chicago Outdoor Film Festival 2003 celebrates the centennial of the birth of Curly Howard, arguably the most popular of the Three Stooges. His real name was Jerome Lester Horwitz. His hilarious improvisations and classic catch-phrases of "N'yuk- n'yuk-n'yuk!" and "Wooo-wooo-wooo!" have established him as a great American cult hero.

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What you had to say:
June 17 2003

I anxiously wait all year for this! Movies in the park are a Chicago must-do. Yay, summertime.

June 17 2003

Sounds like an outing to me.

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