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Tuesday · June 10 2003

Pulling my car out of the alley this morning, I spied Ronnie Woo Woo walking his dog on my street. I wouldn't have recognized him from behind, but he was wearing his Woo Woo Cubs uniform at 7:00 am on a day when the Cubs are in Baltimore. I never gave much thought to how many Woo Woo outfits the guy had in his closet, but I'm now inclined to think he has more than a few. Clayton Moore (aka The Lone Ranger) never went out in public without his mask. I guess Ronnie feels the same way about his pinstripes.

I'm not a Ronnie Woo Woo fan. I admire the guy's devotion to the team, his homeless outreach program, but his hooting *is* obnoxious. Like a Weird Al Yankovic parody song, it's not funny if you have to listen for 20 minutes straight.

If I haven't satiated your curiosity on Ronnie, go here.

What you had to say:
June 10 2003

I saw him this morning, too! Same neighborhood, so I guess it's not all that surprising. I gave him a rousing "woo woo!" He gave it back.

August 10 2003

I saw Ronnie Woo Woo when I was in AZ wearing his outfit too. I was drinking with some friends and invited Ronnie to come in the bar and dance a couple of songs. I have not heard his Woo-Wooing so I can't say how annoying it is. It was fun....

October 13 2003

Anyone know how I can get an autographed photo of Ronnie or a T-shirt of him?

February 18 2004

Hi Im Ronnies Son Scott Hello people!!!

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