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Monday · June 09 2003

I don't like it when people watch me put sugar on unsweetened breakfast cereal or in my coffee. I feel the same reaction when the cashier at the grocery store scans the things I'm buying. Does she think I have too much processed/junk food?

What makes you self-conscious?

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June 09 2003

Very self-conscious when not wearing my glasses but can make out a blurry outline of someone waving. Generally I will put my head down and briskly move along as if I did not notice -- do not want to look like idiot by doing nothing if they are good friend, or wave back if they are total stranger waving at someone else! Aagh.

June 09 2003

Carrying anything unusual home on the train. A few times, I have carried home flowers. It never fails that a few people make like they are accepting the flowers while thanking me for being so kind. It was only kinda funny the first time.

June 09 2003

I've been self-conscious lately when I am listening to rap in my neighborhood and other people can hear it.. Walking to class with headphones or in the car with the window down.

Very Michael Bolton of me (office space not singer) but dammit I'm allowed to like rap too!

June 10 2003

I get self-conscious when people photograph me wearing my wife's underwear. :) Hopefully this post will increase the number of people that link to Jason's website by searching for "my wife's underwear."

June 10 2003

If you really wanted to increase hits, you would have said that your large collection of 'LPGA ass pictures' makes you self-conscious. As we've found out, people actually search for shit like that.

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