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Sunday · June 08 2003

The Loop (WLUP 97.9) has a billboard on Ashland that says 'NOW more RUSH' on top of a large blue owl (Fly by Night? I honestly can't remember). I laughed, pointing it out to Stacy. She asked, "didn't you say you went to a Rush concert once?" Yep, and they had big inflatable rabbits on stage. That's in the past.

Shopping at the Jewel at Wellington and Ashland is different (almost jarring) from shopping at the Clark St. Market at Wilson and Clark or the Jewel in Andersonville. They have sushi chefs, a much wider selection of cleaning products and a Cash Station. But, at Wellington and Ashland, you'll never see 3 women gathered near the meat cooler sharing two carts overflowing with extra large packages of chicken thighs and drumsticks. They also don't have the aluminum tub filled with live blue crabs that kids enjoy sticking their hands into. The salsa at the Jewel is consolidated in one aisle, not three (Old El Paso by the frozen food, Tostitos Hot by the toothpaste and Tostito's restaurant style -- the one we like -- is right by the checkout). I never thought I'd feel so at home shopping at the Market on Clark.

The Book of Liz is running through June 29 at the Chopin Theatre, which is located at the Division/Ashland/Milwaukee intersection. You might care because the playwrights are Amy & David Sedaris. The play reflects their humor, but isn't convulsively funny the way David's stories are. Liz is a Squeamish (Amish) nun with a sweating problem who makes famous cheeseballs to support her isolationist community. Feeling underappreciated, she leaves the enclave and meets a truly bizaare (and wholly Sedaris-esque -- is that a word?) cast of oddballs. The recovering alcoholic characters staffing the pancake shop where Liz finds work were right on the mark. The Book of Liz is an entertaining show, a short, light weekend diversion.

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June 10 2003

What's more embarassing than having gone to a Rush concert? Having purchased 2 Rush concert t-shirts. Yep. I did that.

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