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Friday · June 06 2003

brooklyn_baseball_1.jpgThe Brooklyn Daily Library has scanned the entire archives of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a newspaper that was published between 1841-1902. The scanning and searching ability of this collection is impressive. I picked a day to view completely at random: September 23, 1886.

The page returned contained stories about judge appointments, local gossip, and even an announcement of the James Dunn Association's annual clam bake. What immediately caught my eye on the front page (being the fan that I am) was the baseball box score. The game was between Brooklyn and Louisville in a contest that Brooklyn won 11-5. The sports writing in 1886 wasn't much different that what you see today.

Toole batted with excellent effect, his two hits bringing in runs each hit. Why this fine player has not been given a better show than he has is one of the mysteries of the club's management.
Sports writers have been questioning management for over 100 years.

The interesting section of the baseball coverage for that day was at the bottom of the article. Seems from context that "Chicagoing" a team meant to shut them out. The Chicago team that year was dominant, in first place by 20 games. It's hard to imagine a time when a Chicago baseball team shutout teams so regularly that being shutout came to be known as getting "Chicagoed". In case you were wondering if this was the Cubs or Sox that enjoyed such dominance, it is the Cubs. The Cubs, known as the White Stockings then (weird, huh? More on Cubs history), were organized in 1876. The White Sox team we know today was not founded until 1901 with the birth of the American League.

The Yankees are coming to Wrigley today. Sammy's scandal, Clemens' bid for his 300th win, and possibly the two most loved baseball teams (one for losing, the other for winning) make for a lot of hype this weekend and a big payday for greedy ticket scalpers. I'm excited to walk down Clark and enjoy the afternoon at the ballpark. Let's go out and "Chicago" them.

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June 09 2003

We didn't "Chicago" the Yankees this weekend, but 2 out of three ain't bad. Go Cubs!

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