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Wednesday · June 04 2003

If you have a large mp3 library on your home PC and you'd like to listen to that music on your stereo, the SLIMP3 from Slim Devices is worth looking into. You are buying an mp3 decoder that has an ethernet jack (to pick up the mp3 file from your network) and audio out jacks (to plug into your receiver) all housed in a small stereo component. Wireless isn't natively supported, but a wireless ethernet bridge like the Linksys WET-11 would hook you right up if you aren't wired from computer room to stereo room. The reviews I've read all note that the setup is very easy and the sound quality is terrific.

The SLIMP3 server that you set up on your PC is written in Perl and is open source. (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are all supported). Similar to Movable Type (the software I'm using to publish this site), there is a very enthusiastic user community writing all manner of geeky plugins that you don't really need but, nevertheless, are there. If you have always wanted to set up your stereo to play "I've Got You Babe" at 6:00 AM just like in Groundhog Day, you can do that.

Other solutions if you want to connect your digital music with your stereo system:
1. Analog receiver/transmitter: Low price, poor sound, and you must control your playlist from your PC
2. Audio out directly from your soundcard on your PC: Price varies with the quality of soundcard, and you must control your playlist from your PC

The cool thing about the SLIMP3 it is another stereo component that you control from where you are listening to your music, not from the other room. At $229 it's not cheap, but if you're considering buying this, you've probably spent that easily on other stereo components and music.

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