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Tuesday · June 03 2003

1st inning of the Cubs game tonight, Sosa was ejected for alleged cork in his bat. I find it hard to believe that Sammy would be so dumb as to put his entire legacy in jeopardy. He's already nagged by whispers of "vitamins", so he really doesn't need to give his detractors more ammo. I want to believe that it was just rotten wood, because it's really sad if an icon like Sosa is proven a cheater.

According to Stoney, the umpire, Tim McClelland, is the same man who tossed George Brett (hall of famer from the Royals) in the infamous "Pine Tar" incident back in 1983. In-ter-esting.

Update: I just heard on the radio that Sammy will make a statement after the game. He will admit that it is a corked bat, but that it is one of the bats he normally uses for home run hitting exhibitions and practice. According to Sammy, the corked bat got mixed in with his legal bats.

I think if he wants to show it was an honest mistake, he should immediately submit all of the other bats he had at the game for inspection. If they are all legal, then that paints him in a better light. The way he's hitting, he should saw his bats in half anyway.

What you had to say:
June 04 2003

here's my take on the whole thing:

my brother (roger-an sports writer/editor) and i talked about it earlier. he thinks that there's no reason to believe that sammy hasn't been doing this all along. in other words: just because he got caught now, doesn't mean he hasn't been corking for years, and we may never know.

i believe that after he got conked in the head, and then was out for 17 days with the toe thing, and looking at his horrible recent hitting, that he got a bit desperate. the cubs are winning without him, he's not himself this year, his hitting is way off, and he wanted to jump start june & his come back off the injury list.

so yeah, i think that with the corked bat too, it was more likely to shatter which explains some of the coincidence of him just starting the corking thing and them finding out thru the shatter (as opposed to him having doing it for years and he just got caught now).

he's had many bats shatter in the past and no cork was found.

i don't believe sammy when he said he mixed up his practice bats with his game ones. and i think part of the reason he said that was: i believe he just started corking last week during batting practice & getting ready to come back and so he tried out the bats in practice. they probably worked pretty darn well. now that he's re-joined the team, he used the same bats, and the excuse is right there at the forefront of his mind.

they siezed 2 boxes of his bats to investigate. roger believes that MLB will lie to the public even if they are all corked and say they're not as it's bad for baseball. i think they'll reveal the truth: too much at stake for them not to. and it can leak too easily.

June 04 2003

Whatever the truth, I believe we'll never really know. There's just no way that MLB is going to release the info about the rest of the bats. The image of baseball has nothing to gain and everything to lose with that kind of an admitted stain. Sweeping things under the rug always sucks, but the history of politics and sports has proven that recovery is easier if you don't blow things out of proportion.

This is another black eye for baseball, but it's 100 times worse for the image that Sammy has built up over the past several years. I'm afraid that's cracked pretty hard for alot of people right now.

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