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Monday · June 02 2003

Procrastination is the devil. I take 30 minutes to knock out a few errands that have been in my head for about 3 months. My whole outlook for the day changes. "I'll do it tomorrow" is a tough habit to break.

I don't have alot of stress and pull on my time. No kids, an understanding wife, and an undemanding (and fairly creative in a programming sense) job all leave plenty of time for bike rides, reading, golf, xbox, blog gardening, info surfing, rotisserie baseball, movies, new CDs and whatever else I'm into this month. The toughest thing I'm left to deal with on a daily basis is commuting to work. Yet, I'm constantly in search of more free time. I spend most of it selfishly and still want more only to put off the things that I see as chores. Enough of the time collecting. It's a greedy attitude.

Spending 8 months out of work last year taught me something. I learned that unlimited free time doesn't mean shit if you just piss it away. It's not that enjoyable. Daytime TV sucks because the FCC and the government want you to work during the day to be productive peoples. Also, if you don't know a number of equally unemployed persons like yourself, things get lonely and boring right quick.

I've had 6 jobs in the last 8 years, so I know all about the green grass on the other side and how puke brown it really is. I've learned that the green grass is always right there on the side of the road where I'm riding my bike every day that I can.

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