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Monday · June 02 2003

Gapers' Block informs me that The Clubhouse is closing. If you didn't know it by name, you almost certainly know it as the record store next to Metro. While my tastes tend to the middle ground between what The Clubhouse carries and what Sam Goody will tell you you want to buy, I'm always a fan of independent record stores and to see them close sucks. (I know I'm not helping in my own completely insignificant way by linking products to amazon on my site, so I'll try to stop that) At least 50% of my respectively sized but not huge or gigantic CD collection was bought at Rolling Stone records in Norridge, otherwise known as the heavy metal magnet of the North Side (I believe every known and unknown metal act that has passed through Chicago in the last 20 years has done an autograph signing at Rolling Stone).

What really sucks about The Clubhouse closing is that it was a place to buy tix for shows at Metro without using Ticketbastard (those monopolistic fucks). Arggg.

(Geek footnote: I've played Magic--as in 'the gathering' collectible card game and no, it's not related to dungeons and dragons and yes, I have alot of cards--against several of the goth guys that work(ed) at The Clubhouse.)

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June 02 2003

hey- i was at the smart bar friday night and saw the signs in the window of the clubhouse. we were all bummed and began sharing stories about the shops in each of our neighborhoods that we frequented- they have all since closed as well. everything sure does change- this is dating me quite a bit, but the last time i was in the smart bar it was $2. for a kamikaze shot and a sapporo. friday there was a $15. cover- i'm still trying to figure out why....

June 02 2003

You want to see change, just compare Evanston now with what it looked like when I started college in 1991. That town is a friggin condo factory, it's ugly as all hell. Ouch on the $15 cover. I've never been to Smart Bar and had it worth $15, $1.50 maybe.

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