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Sunday · June 01 2003

aircraft_carrier.jpgIf you were in the market for an aircraft carrier to take a few friends deepsea fishing or maybe just be the setting for Dubya's next military commercial, this is a great deal for you. 36,000 horsepower for just 4.5 million bucks. Not bad, but certainly no Mini Cooper.

What you had to say:
June 02 2003

I've been meaning to get one of those.
Thanks for the tip!

June 02 2003

Think we could dock it at Belmont harbor? :)

June 02 2003

You want to buy an aircraft carrier for 4.5 mil? Just think of how many modded Mini Coopers we could buy! For that much cash, we could rent out the Indy speedway and hold our own race. Sounds like a good surprise 30th birthday idea, hint hint. ;)

June 02 2003

I think you could buy a small Hawaiian island for 4.5 million.

So buy a Mini Cooper and dock it at Hanauma Bay. :)

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