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Saturday · May 31 2003

Stace and I went for a bike ride over to Legion Park last night before it got dark out...and rained. The drops started falling before we even set back home, so I knew it was going to be a race. When we hit Lincoln Square, we ran into John and Stephanie, as well as HB who was on his way home from the L. If Dan was there, we could have had a full book club quorum right underneath the Lincoln Square archway. It had stopped raining for a minute, long enough to catch up with everyone and acknowledge the coincidence of the 3 way chance meeting. Looking up...ok time to go. No rain until the minute when we said goodbye and pedaled down Leland. Wet, very wet. We laughed, coasting home on soaked brake pads all the way to our front gate.

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz