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Saturday · May 31 2003

Mc Donald's is suing an Italian food critic for $25 million. McD's alleges that Edoardo Raspelli, the Italian proponent of "slow food" or traditional culinary values, slandered their product by comparing the burgers to rubber and the fries to cardboard.

I must be missing something. Mr. Raspelli is a food critic and he wrote his opinion on the food. Maybe McDonald's had to find some busywork for the lawyers who aren't working on the "I'm suing McDonald's because they made me fat" case.

My only experience with the golden arches (or is it Golden Arches?) in Italy was in 1994 in Rome. Two Indian men in front of me ordered double cheeseburgers without meat. That's really sort of sad when you consider how many better vegetarian options there are in Italy. Then why was I there? The McBeer of course.

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December 04 2003

McDonald's food does suck!

December 04 2003

I haven't had a fast food hamburger in about 6 months now. I've had bacon 3 times in the past week, however. You have to make sacrifices if you want to eat bacon.

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