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Friday · May 30 2003

Early last saturday morning, two men walked by Barry Cunnane and his buddy on Leland, just a few steps from the door of the Quizno's on Damen. One of the men made a comment and shot Barry in the head. Barry died that saturday afternoon. Senseless.

Barry was an aspiring actor/singer/songwriter from Ireland. He recently moved to Chicago and lived in the Ravenswood area.

I heard there was a memorial on Leland. I stopped by the site this morning. I didn't know Barry, but my thoughts and heart go out to his family and those that were close to him. Losing someone so suddenly and violently with no explanation must be devastating.

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What you had to say:
June 11 2003

I didn't know Barry. I had people at my church sign a card for his family and I put cross in the envelope. His brother Frank was very touched by the gesture. A similar incident happen at the Chicago/Evanston border near where I live. A young Hispanic youth was being initiated into a gang. One of the gang memeber said he would have to kill someone to get in the gang. The youth rode up on a bicycle and shot Andrew Young as he was going to the Rogers Park Fruit Market. Andrew immediately died. There was a policeman near by and the youth was apprehended immediately. This one acted ruined several lives. I do have a question about about Barry's investiagtion. I have not heard that there is any reward being offered. I would be more than happy to help with a substantial amount. Maybe we can do something so there possibly won't be any more deaths like Barry's or Andrew's. I will try to contact Frank this weekend. You can can give me a call at work: Phone 312-407-5770 till 3:15

June 11 2003

The last I heard, an arrest was made in the investigation of Barry's murder. We often don't hear any followup in the news on stories like this. They shock us with the headline, but then give no resolution to the tragedy.

June 16 2003

There was *not* in fact an arrest made in Barry's murder. This was an example of erroneous reporting by the Sun-Times. They printed an "updated" story stating that police are continuing their investigation without actually admitting that they ran false information.

June 16 2003

Thanks for the update and the correction.

June 17 2003

For those interested, a fundraiser will be held for Barry's loved ones from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 24th at Simply Ray's Pub (4709 N. Damen). Funds raised will go toward incidental expenses that Barry's loved ones incurred recently. This includes payments for things such as utilities, hotel, rent, moving expenses, and travel. The suggested donation will be $25 for domestic draft beer (MGD, Michelob, Leinenkugel, Miller Lite), wine, soda and some of Simply Ray's appetizers (pizza, wings, sandwiches). You may also pay cash bar and make any donation you wish.

Please save the date and pass the word on to others. Thanks.

To visit Barry's online memorial page go to:

August 07 2003

Info on the Oct 5 fundraiser can be found here:

August 18 2003

To everyone in Barry's life, I offer my solemn and shocked condolences. I had gotten out of touch with Barry and I just learned of his tragic death. I have to extend the deepest sympathy for the senseless loss of one of the nicest and most gifted people who ever graced Chicagoland. If there is any way in which I can help the Cunnane family, do not hesitate to ask;
I am here for you. Frank, I am so sorry for your loss.

October 28 2003

On October 5, 2003 friends of Barry Cunnane raised around $20,000 for "Justice for Barry". Of this amount, $15,000 will be posted as the reward. The remaining funds will be used to promote and advertise the reward for months/years to come.

November 03 2003

jack and I met Barry's father in Doolin 2 weeks ago...he shared his story and it continues to haunt both of us...our daughter is in Chicago and we passed on the story to her...hoping she can update us on any activity of investigation. I keep Barry's parents in our thoughts and prayers. We share be in touch. jack and maureen schutz

January 20 2004

Within the next couple weeks, large overhead ads announcing the $15,000 reward will appear (for one month) on the CTA's red, blue and brown lines. If you'd like a copy of the pdf, email A printable flyer is also available at

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