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Thursday · May 29 2003

The soda vending machine here at work has only caffeinated products. If you worked here, you'd understand.

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August 19 2003

okay so i'm a few months late responding to this post, but my sister told me a related story yesterday.

a coder at her office was found comatose at his desk last week. they rushed him to the ER. he is okay now. apparently he was "severely dehydrated" because he was only consuming coffee and soda. i have this image in my head of a bug-eyed developer coding night and day, gulping coffee and pepsi till his frantic typing eases to a complete standstill. he is left drooling at the screen.

i am trying to get off the coffee (sunday's brunch notwithstanding) and am currently having a cuppa english breakfast tea. less caffeine. cutting back, not cold turkeying it. ouch, my head.

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