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Wednesday · May 28 2003

Browsing through my recommended list over at Amazon this morning gave me something to be excited about. In October, Neal Stephenson (author of Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash, et al) is releasing a new book, Quicksilver : Volume One of The Baroque Cycle. Quickly added that to my Wish List. (No, you don't need to click it, unless you want to buy me something for turning 29.5 on June 18--or my 29.75 birthday on September 18)

Reading the preview blurb that Amazon provided, I saw that the names Waterhouse and Shaftoe are coming back, though obviously not the same characters since the book is set in the Baroque age (I'm just guessing; is that the 1600s?) and Cryptonomicon was WWII through the present.

944 pages too; Neal sure has been busy.

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