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Wednesday · May 28 2003

While driving back home from the get together tonight (*wave* to bloggers, everyone else just roll with me), Stace and I were talking to Mojan about the lines you walk while putting writing out for others to see. You start out in 'friends & family' mode just like you were selling life insurance or knives door to door. You see which people in your life you can get to buy what you're selling or read what you're writing. Some stick, some don't. But since they're friends and family and they all love you, you get pats on the head whether they stick or not. Then it happens. It happens this way when you're in a band too. Someone (you don't know of course) likes you. I mean likes you like a #1 fan and you had absolutely no clue. You were totally unsuspecting because you thought only your wife, googlebot, and inktomi (whatever the hell that is) visited your site. They know the stories you like to tell and they laugh at the things you think are funny. I guess it's sorta creepy but then it hasn't happened to me, so I don't really know. Unless I count Googlebot, but I don't.

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May 30 2003

Yeah when it happens, it's weird. :) Great to meet you and Stacey the other day!

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