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Tuesday · May 27 2003

I'm having some trouble putting together commentary regarding this
link because I don't want to believe that this is what really goes on. I read:

Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal
I supopse I am naive to think that the US should hold itself accountable to the same standards it demands of other nations. The government plays off of our fears of terrorism to circumvent these standards whenever it seems convenient or as it's more widely known, "in the interest of national security." I am not suggesting that terrorists evade justice. I am only thinking of how the American public would react/reacts to the news of an Iraqi or North Korean court that executed Americans (without jury or appeal) found to be threatening to their national security. We become outraged.

I do think that using the word deathcamp in the headline is a stab at sensationalism. I hardly think that terrorists are being shipped in to be gassed en masse. That's certainly the image that the word draws for me.

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