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Saturday · May 24 2003

James Turrell: Gard Blue I just finished an article in Smithsonian Magazine about artist James Turrell and his 30 year Roden Crater project. He is erecting a concrete observatory, a "temple of light" at the bottom of a volcanic crater bowl in Arizona. The pictures are incredible. Turrell's tools are light, human perception, and precise mathematics. The Henry Art Gallery in Seattle is currently showing the exhibit, James Turrell: Knowing Light. The website of his last exhibition in Pittsburgh has some great visuals of Turrell's work.

The Roden Crater project is not scheduled to open until sometime after 2005. I plan on visiting.

What you had to say:
June 02 2003

let me know when you go to this. i'll put it on my 24-month calendar. Well, that's a lie. but i do want to go to this.

June 02 2003

It's a date.

April 25 2004

i will be around that area (roden crater) in may 2004 and i was wondering if he takes volunteers or anything like that.

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