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Thursday · May 22 2003

Living in a box alert: Annika Sorenstam is playing the Colonial, a PGA tour event. I listen to alot of sports radio in my car on the way home from Schaumburg everyday. Annika is a topic that everyone has an opinion on. Is this good for the PGA? Is this good for the LPGA? Will she make the cut? Is she only doing this for the money and exposure? Uh, what athlete today isn't doing what they do for the money and exposure? That's just sports today. I'll be watching how Annika does today and tomorrow and I hope she makes the cut and does very well. She is an outstanding golfer and competitor who deserves recognition for her ability not for being a woman out of place spectacle at a men's event. The situation is something of a losing proposition for her in the face of her critics. If she plays poorly, it's an "I told you so"; If she plays well, it's a fluke. I just read she pounded her opening drive 275 yards straight down the first fairway. I'd like to be able to say I could do that.

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May 22 2003

You go girl! One of the most irritating comments I heard about this subject was from another woman golfer. She thought is wasn't a good idea for Annika to attempt to play in the PGA because if she missed the cut it would prevent women everywhere from doing it. Which is silly, because someone has to go first. Anyway, I hope she does well and it isn't a 'huge' event the next time a woman wants to challenge herself.

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