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Wednesday · May 21 2003

A new show is scheduled for the Oxygen channel especially for made for cats. I don't know how comfortable I'd feel sitting down in front of the tube with Rusty and Pixie for some quality TV time. As far as I can tell, they seem to be pretty happy with the Cubs game and 24 (provided, of course, that Stacy or I are scratching their head). I do feel bad that they don't have a yard to run around in, but is TV the answer? I think our family is probably better off watching the squirrels and birds from the porch together without the cat food commercials. I think this attitude towards my pets probably has other applications later in life.

What you had to say:
May 21 2003

I especially liked the quiz that accompanied the article...

Will your cat watch 'Meow TV'?

Pixie: What? And lose sleep?
Rusty: No, I am too busy looking out the window while I am sitting on top of the TV.

And of course a resounding "no" if there is a Cubs game on. :)

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