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Monday · May 19 2003

While driving back home down Lincoln Avenue yesterday, Stace and I passed through the "sin strip" corridor, as I once heard someone refer to it. Between Peterson and Foster, there are about 10 motels, all with old fashioned neon signs offering amenties ranging from clean room and daily rates to queen and king size beds and our personal favorite motel feature: switchboard. I like to imagine who stays in these rooms. Husbands kicked out of their home? Alcoholics out of work? Immigrants who have nowhere else to stay? I have no desire to see the inside of the rooms, because I'm pretty sure I know exactly what they'd look like. However, the broken signs outside interest me. The bulbs never flash and the metal is sorely in need of a paint job. I wonder if the marquees were ever inviting. Was it ever the sort of middle of the road type of establishment that you'd consider staying at with your family, something akin to a Motel 6? I'd like to get a collection of photos of the signs together.

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