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Saturday · May 17 2003

I'm not sure why the sudden urge to drive around Chicago in garish yellow faux-military vehicles, but Hummers are popular. Getting around the Best Buy/Whole Foods lot at Clybourn is hard enough in my Corrolla, let alone something that looks like I'm packing a SWAT team in the trunk. This collection of ads is worth a look. Scroll down and you can see how they inserted a balloon in Kelly Clarkson's ass to give her that J Lo appeal.

What you had to say:
August 25 2003

Did you get what you were hoping for from these lovely posts re: why they surfed for that particular string of text?
* shudder *

August 25 2003

It was funny at first, but now it's not. Thanks for the kick in the ass, Tori. Comments on the post closed. Offensive garbage deleted.

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