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Wednesday · May 14 2003

Last night was the next to last episode of 24. (I'm not going to stoop to link to their site b/c I'm sure it will tell me nothing except to NOT MISS THE EXCITING FINALE). I'm proud (ashamed) to say I've watched all 23 episodes in their entirety. Been a good ride, but after 16 or so, you sort of feel like you can't pull the hook out of your cheek even if you wanted to because you'd miss the twist at the end. Next time I have the urge to watch a serial show, I'll pop in Usual Suspects or The Spanish Prisoner and save 22 hours of leisure. So what's going to happen in the final 24th hour? I definitely don't care what happens as much as seeing how the writers make it happen. Will we all be happy if David Palmer is reinstated as president? (sure we will) Will Jack Bauer live through the chest pains? (obviously, there has never been a more bulletproof character in serial drama; if the show returns, Jack Bauer returns) What will happen to the vice-president? (who cares) Will Jack and Kate be a couple? (possibly, but again who cares, if they are, we'll have have to watch the painful resentment -and bad acting of Elisha Cuthbert-- Kim Bauer displays until Jack gets pulled back into next season and recoils from Kate's loving stares of bewilderment) What will happen to Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler? (ok, Tony? who cares. Michelle? bring her back, please) And most importantly, what will be the big mindbending twist that we know the finale will have to have? (someone is going to have to switch sides from bad to good or good to bad. My guess is Tony or Michelle)

(insert 24 trademark going to commercial sound effect here)

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September 03 2003

Jack, Tony, Michelle, and the president are ALL coming back for the third season. I think Tony and Michelle and Jack and Kate r gonna hook up!!

May 28 2004


Are you slow or somethingt???
Or havenīt you seen the third seson of the worlds greats tv show? Kate and Jack do have a thing going on, but they have just brokken up when third seson opens...
Michelle og Tony are married in the beginig of seson three. And Tony dosenīt turn over "to the other side" and neither does his wife!!
Love from Sam!!

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