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Tuesday · May 13 2003

Mr If you like breakfast as much as I do, you'll want to check this site out. (I ripped this link from 8bit joystick but all that proves is that I'm not the only gaming geek out there who likes omelettes and OJ) They've got recipes, breakfast history, and a breakfast restaurant index. You can't ask for much more except maybe a big plate of Texas Toast. (I'm saddened to learn that my home state is one day going to resemble Texas, though I guess we've already got a political national treasure in Peter Fitzgerald which evens the score in the category of 'National Republican politicians who bought their office and make my skin crawl')

Weather, politicians and breakfast aside (hey, at least Chicago almost gets one of these right), this should be a good week. For those living in a box (and my hat off to you for surfing from the box in question), The Matrix Reloaded comes out this week. For everyone else not in the wired box, my sister graduates with a Master's degree this weekend, making me just the second most educated person in the family. Then again, she helps save lives (at least occasionally I'm told) while I make sure that your friendly neighborhood insurance company is making enough dough to be around in time to gouge you for the rest of your time on earth. yay me.

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