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Thursday · May 08 2003

The new MMOG EVE-online looks amazing. I have well documented past addictions to persistent world games, but the space angle is fresh enough that I might just get the bug again. At least on a casual level. Heh, casual, as if that's possible with massively multiplayer games. I know that I'm tired of the leveling treadmill in the fantasy setting and I'm excited that finally some games are appearing without that hackneyed formula.

Another game that looks just mindblowingly unique is A Tale in the Desert. Imagine yourself as a settler in the game Civilization. It's not about combat and hack and slash, it's about building civilization from the ground up. The game has an Egyptian setting and alot of the tasks you do sound really mundane, but the reviews have all been really strong. The one thing that scares me off, however, is that it seems you really need a huge guild to get anything accomplished. One user reviewer on gamespot said the experience of the beta confirmed the power of mob rule. I'm going to investigate a little more, but A Tale in the Desert certainly sounds intriguing.

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